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A restaurant counted the beverages

2. A restaurant counted the beverages ordered in 1 day. 72 people ordered milk, 128 coffee, 86 tea, 32 sodas, and 26 water. If a customer is picked at random, what is the probability the order is for?
a. Coffee?
b. Milk or water?
c. A drink with caffeine (coffee, tea or soda)
3. In a Math class of 60 students, 36 were boys and 24 were girls. 5 of the boys and six of the girls made A’s on the first test. If a student is chosen at random, find the probability of getting a boy or an A student.
4. If 67% of all high school graduates go to college, find the probability of selecting 4 high school graduates at random and getting 4 who are going to college.
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