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Walmart makes 1.5 billion dollars a day

Walmart makes 1.5 billion dollars a day. They make so much they could give every employee a 100,000 dollar bonus at the end of the year and still have hundreds of millions left over. I won't paste the figures as proof because people just ignore them...

I steal from Walmart. Not anything big. Just food and drink, and the occasional toiletry or medicine. I don't do it all of the time. Just every now and again.

People say, "Stealing is wrong." like they have these amazing morals. They say, "So what if the entire American population of 313 million could steal from Walmart in a single day and Walmart would still make 1186 million dollars in profit. Stealing is wrong."

They ignore the numbers and say stealing is wrong. Maybe it is. But they they justify little things over taking something small from a large corporation like Walmart.

People act like it is no big deal to take a box of pens from their offices. They go home and download music, movies, games, books, software, etc through torrent websites and peer to peer software. People abuse their companies by letting them reimburse them for personal expenses concealed as business expenses. People do not add in the money they made from Ebay or garage sales to their over all annual income.

But these people turn around and say, "Yeah, but that is different. It isn't flat out theft." But isn't it? Why do these people act like they have such great morals and act like stealing is wrong simply because it is wrong?
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