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Ok... So I'm a right idiot x We started doing Hamlet

Ok... So I'm a right idiot x We started doing Hamlet at my school last year and we have summer to learn our lines then when we come back, we do some serious rehearsing x Not everyone gets a script though. Only main characters x I'm playing Queen Gertrude x So my friend didn't get a script but she's got quite a few lines x So she asked me if she could borrow it for a week and learn them and have a look at the script x I'm really close to her and knew she would give it back so I let her x But that was at the beginning of summer x But unfortunately, something happened in her family and I didn't want to be rude and ask for the script back x So we went back to school on Friday and she looked really guilty and was worried when she gave me back the script xxx She said sorry so I didn't really mine but I knew I could learn the lines in the weekend x But because it was my dads birthday, we went somewhere and stayed in a hotel x So I still haven't learnt my script 😁 And we are about 30 minutes away from home and at 2 I have another rehearsal for something else for 4 hours x So it will be 6 when I get home x Then add 30 minutes for dinner x And 30 minutes to shower x And I am literally willing to stay up all night to learn it x Help! I am so worried x I haven't been given a main part before x And I would love if I was given another x It means so much to me x I have to learn this! X I don't have that many lines but if I could be word perfect, I can start adding emotion x I am worrying so much. I have butterflies and a headache and my heart is racing 100 miles an hour xxxx Help please xxx I have texted everyone with scripts to ask to send pictures of my scenes but they aren't replying
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